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Pro Audio


You may rent a small to medium sized PA system for your event. Our systems come complete with speakers, stands (if necessary), microphones, mic stands, cables, and a mixer/amplifier. Our rates are quite reasonable. If you are located in the metro New Jersey/New York area, give us a call today. Microphones!!!


We carry pro audio gear for sale as well. Whether you are a band looking to purchase a P.A. or an organization that would like to own one for your public events, we can accommodate you. We also sell individual items such as speakers, amps, cables, and adapters.


We now provide evaluation and professional installation services. Local schools, venues, businesses, etc are welcome to give us a call or contact us for a quote on a sound system that will fit your individual requirements and budget. Whole system & install prices are very competitive!


-Eon One


We carry and display a full line of pro microphones for professional applications, and can order many more. Shure, Audix, Samson, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and AKG mics are all available. Recording: Ritchies Music also stocks popular home recording units from leading companies such as Roland, Tascam, and Zoom. Noise gates, compressors, and other accessories and processors are also available.


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